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Rebekah's Journal

Maunderings of a Mad Mother

9 August
Question. Don't just accept things because it's always been done that way. And just because it's been part of a culture for millenia, doesn't make it right.

Married to krag_carbineIn the process of a divorce, two kids and a mortgage. Been an active science fiction fan since 1981 (and used to haunt the anime rooms at SF cons back then) and collided with the furry community back in '88. I've crisscrossed the country, and been round the world, even living in foriegn countries (Singapore). I love gardening and going to museums and the like. Generally have a houseful of critters of one sort or another. Usually own a large number of books, and have a deep suspicion of non-readers.

I believe in tolerance. I've lived in strange times, in strange places. I've always been weird, and proud of it.

I tend to be outspoken. If you're easily offended, you might want to turn back now. This lj is just as likely to be filled with boring details of an ordinary life as with fangirling (anime, yo) or cultural tirades.

I am easily distracted by shiny things and tend to have a short attention span. I'm more than a little bit of a magpie. Yes, people count as shiny things. And so does anime. If I added you, I probably thought you were shiny.

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